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Solo Teen Girls is all about two things - REAL amateur teens and high quality content. We look all over to find the perfect teenage girls, then we take our time so the girls can be comfortable enough to give a real show. And we don't shrink our videos or pics to save money - we give them to you at FULL size and full quality, just the way you'd like to see them.

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Tahya 19 yrs old

Don't you just love pretty blonde barely legal teens that actually enjoy teasing the camera, getting naked and then massaging her sweet little pussy for you? Tanya is not shy at all and this playful teen knows that everyone figures she rubs her cute lil clit to get off so she might as well show it off. Her perky tiny tits are very suckable and your gonna love this babe

Kate has some good clean bathtub fun

Silvia 18 yrs old

This is great, Silvia is the girlfriend of one of the guys that works for us and as soon as she turned 18 he started to try and get her to do a hard core scene with him. She absolutely refused and wouldn't even take off her clothes for us. But then one day she suggested, joking around that they make a video of her rubbing her perfectly hairless pussy. He jumped at the chance but you really get to see just how shy this cute teen is as she teases the camera mercilessly until she finally gets herself off massaging her little clit.

Silvia has some good clean bathtub fun

Shelly 19yrs old

Check out this nude teen! She's 19, her name is Shelly and she was willing to do anything we asked her on camera. After we got a look at those small tits and tight ass, we told Shelly we wanted to see her stick a bottle inside herself and fuck her wet pussy till she made herself cum.

Shelly makes herself cum on camera

Mellissa 18yrs old

If you like slender waif-like honeys with long legs, 19 year old Melissa is one hot girl. She has a shaved pussy and a hot teen ass which she loves to show off in tight pants or short skirts. She also loves to stroke her pussy and make it nice and wet. Melissa says she likes to make herself cum at twice every day.

Melissa shows how she makes herself cum

Klara 18yrs old

This cute teen girl has a kitty over her kitty and she wants to show us how talented she is at petting the pussy. Klara loves to show off her adorable teen body with a beautiful pussy and perky little tits this barely legal teen is built for pleasure. But she is also afraid to have sex on video but she did agree to get naked in front of our camera. Before we started rolling she suggested that she demonstrate how she gets herself off and here is the result. Make sure you check out this video because it is so sweet and sexy it'll make you bust!

Klara spreads and plays with herself

Olja 18yrs old

Olja walked into my office one day and said that she was NOT shy, she loved sex and she wanted me to give her money! I didn't know what to think, was she propositioning me? Was she blackmailing me (she didn't look familiar)? After a short talk she said that she had just gotten into an argument with her now ex boyfriend and she wanted to show him that she was not so innocent and sweet. I told her to prove it right then and there. So on my couch she takes off her clothes and quite boldly masturbated herself to a rather strong orgasm. I won't tell you what happened later.

Watch innocent Olja get herself off

Use the navigation below to check out some samples of all the hot ass we have to offer inside
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Our girls are all slender, sweet and pretty. They are fresh from college, summer jobs or their parents' houses - now they're ready to get wild. If you're looking for the hottest teens around, you can watch them all at Solo Teen Girls

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